What You Can Expect

  • professional production

    We know how it feels to take new material to the studio only to be treated badly – it sucks. At ohmniphonic you are guaranteed to be taken seriously and so is your music!

  • in the heart of Berlin

    Not far from where Bowie lived and recorded the iconic "Heroes", next to Tiergarten and Bahnhoof Zoo, you can easily find (and wander around) the ohmniphonic studio. 

  • inspiring playground

    We are fully equipped with drums, guitar and bass amps, keyboards and lots of instruments, toys and gimmicks to get you "in the zone" – including a kitchen, shower and bar!

  • all-in-one service

    Every artist wants and needs different things. To help you figure out whether ohmniphonic is right for you, we summarized our services into three broad categories (see below).

  • Mix/Master

    Make the most of your songs! Whether you want creative mixing, sound enhance­ment or just in-your-face mastering – here you will get it!

  • Recording

    Lay down your tracks latency-free and crystal-clear in an atmo­spheric studio – day or night, with the help of a profes­sional audio engineer.

  • Arrangement

    Is your song missing strings or a sax solo? Are some of the transi­tions not good enough? Stuck on a chord? Together we will figure it out!


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